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Thank you for visiting us at ISE 2023 and making the show one of the most successful ISEs!


Come see us in Barcelona at stand No. 2F-250. You can register and get free admission using our code IAMRLR1                 REGISTER



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Compatible products



Free drivers are available here (you have to be registered to download drivers)


Compatible products

FNIP-12xPWM if it's ok to mix CCT using RGB

FNIPRGB&010 offering dedicated outputs for Warm White and Cold White LEDs.

Free drivers are available here (you have to be registered to download drivers)

We had a great time and a successful show.

Come see us in Barcelona at stand 2R-300 and celebrate our 25th birthday with us.

Our birthday gift for our loyal and new customers is our ground-breaking new product line, P5 Opti, which will revolutionalize the way projects are managed and has been developed with total flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind.

You can register and get free admission using our code 0YJTCSE0.



FNIP-12xIO new feature

The module now can react to resistance changes on its inputs.
When the resistance crosses the set threshold, the module can
• switch the output
• inform connected devices about the change over TCP/IP
• send a Scene Activation Command

The inputs measure resistance in the range of 0-100 kOhm. If the connected
resistance crosses the threshold, the input status will change.
The threshold value shown is to be multiplied by 100 Ohm.
E.g. 50 = 5 kOhm

Inverted input
In normal case the input is considered active if the connected resistance is below
the threshold. Inversion reverses this, i.e. the input considered active if the
resistance is above the threshold.


Please find the new firmware here
Please find the new C4 driver here

Home Assistant Custom integrations are now available. Use them as they are.

The number of software modules (drivers/profiles) is growing day by day. Please check the software drivers page for availability if you want to integrate FutureNow with AMX, Crestron, Control4, Extron, RTI, SAvent, Fibaro, Neets, etc.


New features

  • Inputs can now be triggered by a voltage change

This allows using a wide range of active switches and AV device outputs

  • More visible feedback LEDs

Helps with commissioning and troubleshooting

  • Repositioned reset button

It is now reachable without opening the enclosure

Installation manual

Since CCT LED strips are now available on the market, more and more people want an efficient way to control them.

We are celebrating the very first birthday of our FNIP-RGB/010 module with a great new feature

Correlated Color Temperature control

By using this feature you can smoothly adjust the brightness and the balance between cold and warm white light.

There are some more changes to the module, therefore to distinguish the new version, we renamed the module to


Please remember, one channel of this module can handle nearly 400W of power (48V*8A), which is enough to create 40 000 Lumens!