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The FNIP Manager is the new FutureNow software management system. It offers an intuitive user interface and makes setting up and maintenance of P5 devices easier.

The FNIP Manager automatically discovers P5 FutureNow and OPTI devices on the network and provides an overview of all connected devices and their current states. This centralized view makes it easy to monitor inputs and outputs in real time.


Main Features


  • Auto-Discovery: Quickly finds and identifies all P5 FutureNow and OPTI devices on the network.
  • Overview Dashboard: Displays the current status of all inputs and outputs across the network, offering a comprehensive picture at a glance.
  • Control: Allows direct control of inputs and outputs.
  • Device Configuration: Provides individual pages for configuring each device.
  • Custom Commands: Enables sending custom TCP commands to the modules and viewing their responses.
  • Backup and Restore: Makes backing up and restoring device configurations possible.


Download the FNIP Manager here