Opti Maze - Lite

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Optimized for success


Based on more than 25 years of providing reliable Smart Home solutions to integrators all over the world, we thought it's time for a game-changer.

P5 Opti Lite has been developed with total flexibility and cost-effectiveness in mind and will revolutionalize the way projects are managed.

The outputs of Opti Lite units are tailor-made. You no longer have to pay for unused channels.  Opti Light is the ultimate approach to multi-dwelling unit projects.

OPTI Lite builds on the success of the FutureNow series by P5. FutureNow modules have withstood the test of time and proven so reliable that the first units unstalled 20++  years ago still operate perfectly.

OPTI Lite was brought about by listening to customer demands, and is a cost and space effective all-in-one solution, to help integrators win even more projects.

OPTI Lite is basically a 4 in 1 FutureNow with more power and resources. You no longer have to buy a different box for each function. You can combine four different functions using a single box. For example, you can use a single OPTI Lite unit to control a few on/off lights, RGB LED lighting, a blind and even have digital inputs for sensors/manual control or activating macros/scenes.

The OPTI Lite main board has 16 digital inputs and 4 slots for Output Boards.

The number of available Output Boards is growing. Currently you can use the following boards

  • 2x16A NO/NC relays
  • 4x5A relays
  • 4x0-10V outputs
  • 4xPWM outputs
  • 2x16A (5A) Bi-stable relays
  • 1xSH Blind controller board for motorized devices

OPTI Lite comes with the Output Boards in place so you must specify the type of boards at the time of the order.




Data sheet

Preliminary Installation Manual